Seminars for teachers within the 'European Parliament Ambassador School' Programme 2017-2019

The EP Ambassador School Programme aims to encourage and strengthen Europe education in the EU member states. EP Ambassador School teachers (called seniors) can participate in the EPAS seminars, organised by the European Parliament. Here, 100 ‘senior ambassadors’ from different EU countries come to Brussels for a seminar in the framework of the EPAS programme of the European Parliament. In order to inspire the participants and give them the opportunity to exchange good practices and create new ideas together, Europe House Ryckevelde runs the workshop “Tips and inspiration for implementing the EPAS programme”, and the workshop "exchange of good practices".

The overall objective of the workshops is to inspire the EPAS seniors with new methods and approaches to teach on EU matters in the EPAS Programme and to share best practices on the implementation of EPAS. The workshops are held 4 times per year.